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Well, welcome to my station. Bit of a neophyte, but I use Icecast and Mixxx to stream music with. With that, I hope you enjoy.

I juggle a lot between:
Covers, Rock, Techno, Game music, experimental (think Susumu Hirasawa), Cyberpunk, Amiga trax, Jungle, Anime, and Hardbass (Yeah, I like Hardbass)

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My selection is all over the place. I'll try to keep the overall theme for when I do longer stints.

I got some of my own tracks, some with Pixitracker and some with MTV Music Generator. I intend on doing more of my own tracks for use in my videos.

Putting this here because /user/ doesn't work anymore:

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A bit about me

I'm just another hobbyist in the scene. Was inspired by the radio operators in the Uru Live multiplayer game by Cyan.

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